Virtualization, a Great Money and Time Saver
By: Giselle Mazurat
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ProServeIT Corporation develops technologies that help organizations use hardware investments more effectively, minimize hardware maintenance, lower real-estate and electric costs, improve disaster-recovery and restore times, and create affordable fault-tolerance.

Today, over 100,000 IT organizations use VMware virtualization products to address key business objectives, such as server consolidation, desktop security, remote office management, reduced power and cooling costs, business continuity and software lifecycle automation.

Virtualization helps you do more with less. Normally, an organization’s computers run at 5 to 10% capacity; but with virtualization, they can run at 80% capacity. Virtualization software lets you run multiple operating systems, at the same time, on a single physical computer. And, each operating system acts as a virtual computer. Virtualized servers are server operating systems that run one a single server hardware.

Save Money

With virtualization, your company saves on operational, real estate, hydro and electrical costs. You also save on packaging and shipping since you transport less physical machines. Your management costs decrease dramatically with less physical machines and shared hardware for servers.

Improve Disaster Recovery

If a disaster strikes, virtualization helps your company recover more quickly while minimizing downtime. Normally, you recover the operating system file in a machine that matches the one that failed. However, with virtualization the operating system is hardware agnostic, which means the hardware of the machine used to recover the operating system does not have to match the machine that failed. 

Simplify Desktop Management

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) lets you replace traditional PCs with user friendly virtual machines that provide the user experience of running Windows. This infrastructure is similar to the dumb terminal and mainframe, where the virtual machine is the dumb terminal that provides user access to software, and the server is the mainframe that centrally stores the software. With this solution, your company saves time and money by upgrading the software on the centralized server rather than pushing the software down to the users.

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