Medworxx, Helping Hospitals Save Lives
By: Giselle Mazurat
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Medworxx develops a strategic software platform that hospitals use to communicate, aggregate, and analyze knowledge. Today, more than 400,000 users in over 250 hospitals throughout North America depend on the Medworxx software platform to leverage the power of knowledge to increase competency, reduce redundancy and costs while simplifying the distribution of knowledge to staff and patients.

Launched in 2007, the Medworxx Emergency Readiness System (ERS) helps hospitals provide patient safety and care during a disaster. A web-based, hospital-centric application, ERS addresses the Joint Commission mandated all-hazards approach to emergency management and is NIMS, ICS, and HICS compatible. Hospitals use this application to address all four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery with the ultimate goal of saving lives while preparing for and mitigating the effects of disasters.

Since hospitals play a key role in responding to emergencies, they need to respond rapidly, effectively, and efficiently, while complying with federal, state, or provincial mandates that govern emergency preparation and response. ERS tracks resources, skills, exercises and drills, provides readiness assessment reports, and automates workflows and processes to enable hospital staff to aggregate and disseminate information in real time to the right people. This role-based application is easy to use and highly flexible, and effectively supports your hospital’s emergency management requirements.

With ERS less paper is used since it is web-based. For example, staff can complete the incident message form online then upload it to a centralized location where staff can share information. And, hospital staff can update the form in real time as they take action on handling the disaster.

ERS reduces energy costs since the software subscription and license provides hospital staff access to a centralized server where they can store information on hundreds of patients in one place.

ERS saves time. Medworxx maintains the server hardware and software at a centralized location so hospital staff can use their time on what they do best – save lives.

These are just a few benefits of the ERS system. To find out more about the Medworxx product suite, go to