InterCall Helps Green Our Planet With Conferencing
By: Giselle Mazurat
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InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest conferencing services provider in the world. Founded in 1991, InterCall offers more ways for businesses to connect with customers and partners, across town or around the world, by offering the broadest range of audio, event, web, and video conferencing services. 

Like many companies, InterCall is answering the call to practice environmentally friendly policies and work practices

InterCall marketing educates employees on "working green" through a company-wide weekly newsletter and encourages employees to work with environmental charities.

  • Training is 90% remote, conducted through web, video, and audio conferencing. Since these solutions reduce corporate travel, businesses are more productive and they save time and money. Every month, 1400 trainees participate in public customer training. If they traveled by car, they would have to visit 350 locations, averaging 35 miles for each round trip. With virtual training, there is a savings of 6.6 tons of CO2 emitted into the environment. As a result, there is an increase in customer retention and adoption of services; plus, the average customer usage increased by 50%!
  • InterCall is a Platinum sponsor of Climate Action, a joint development of Sustainable Development International and the United Nations Environment Program. Together, InterCall and Climate Action educate businesses, governments, and non-profits on how to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on climate change.
  • On-site managers sponsor recycling programs for printer ink, aluminum, paper and cardboard, and implement policies on electrical usage such as monitor standby and after-hours policies.
  • InterCall encourages telecommuting to reduce the carbon emissions from corporate travel. Eight percent of their 2000+ employees telecommute full-time. Another 13% can telecommute part-time.

How InterCall provides green services

Helping customers become green: InterCall customers are integrating conferencing services into their green initiatives with great success. Esurance, a leading auto insurance company in the US, has saved carbon emissions by using conferencing services for interviews, training, and more.

Raising awareness: At, InterCall educates organizations, customers, and government on using conferencing and other practices to reduce carbon emissions and operate businesses in a more sustainable manner. This website includes links to educational resources, partner environmental organizations, and to a blog on current topics that encourage companies' efforts to "work green".

Leading green initiative with conferencing: In a recent survey, when asked about what companies are doing to reduce its carbon footprint, the top response was conferencing tools as a way to cut back on travel (66%).

Giving green rewards: InterCall launched the "Green Rewards" program where customers can cash in "Green Points" for every minute they use their dedicated conferencing account. With these points, customers can do green things such as plant trees, buy carbon offsets, and purchase green office products. 

How green are you? offers a short quiz as a fun way to see how green you are. InterCall plants a tree for every quiz submission. So far, InterCall planted over 5,000 trees!

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