Special invitation to the Bamboo Club — Canada's hottest
tropical restaurant!!!
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Dear Michael,

How would you like to escape from the world of cold, snowy winters, dull office surroundings, and the daily stress and grind of work?

Come to the Bamboo Club and experience all the pleasures of a FREE tropical get away: warm Caribbean ambiance, delectable food, pulsating music, and more.

Experience a warm welcome by friendly and knowledgeable staff who will usher you into the dining room where you'll feast your eyes upon an abundance of colorful, exotic tropical plants and flowers… breath in the aroma of mingled spices that fills the air… behold original works of art that celebrate the Caribbean culture.

The only restaurant-nightclub in downtown Toronto!

Tantalize your taste buds with hot, spicy food, lovingly seasoned with authentic herbs and spices – and warm your soul…

Try their popular signature dish: roti bread, served with goat meat flavored with curry, herbs, seasonings and raisins along with slices of fresh tropical fruit like cantaloupe, pineapple, mango and banana.

Or, savor the flavor of the hot, spicy calaloo soup made with calaloo leaves, spinach, coconut milk, crabmeat and chicken seasoned with thyme, lemon grass and peppers.

If you never had jerk chicken or fish, now is your time to try it! A potent combination of herbs and spices, this dish has a quintessential jerk taste – a truly Jamaican flavor!

Quench your thirst with an exotic cocktail like a sweet tropical pina colada, a refreshing frozen daiquiri, or a cool non-alcoholic beverage. Or, if you're brave, try their potent rum punch made with Trinidadian or Jamaican rum – whatever you prefer.

Top off your meal with an authentic Caribbean dessert like the black rum cake where the currants, raisins, prunes and mixed fruit are steeped in a mixture of rum and brandy for one to three months before cooking. But be careful! You'll get a real buzz if you eat too much!

Every night, at 10:00, the Bamboo Club hosts a live band; and this is where the party, or as they say in the Caribbean, "the fete" really begins.

Whether it's a popular local band or a famous international performer, you can party the night away and dance to the rhythmic beat of calypso, reggae or soca music.

Feel the heat of the night as the music hums and people soon start to crowd the dance floor. Before you know it, there's only standing room!!

But you don't have to take my word for it, hear what others are saying…

"Love it! Love the service! Love the people! I'll definitely come back for seconds!" Sandra Jones, executive

Ire man! Raggae fan and very happy customer

"What a party! I celebrated my graduation with my family at the Bamboo, and to my surprise they put streamers and balloons above my table congratulating me on my graduation. They even spelt my name right!" George Chezantoniou, MBA graduate

"Whenever I visit my sister in Toronto, we always go to the Bamboo. It's my favorite restaurant in Toronto. Great food, great music, great service. The Bamboo rocks!
Jackie, Florida USA

Plus, for the past 10 years, the Bamboo Club was voted as Toronto's number one restaurant by the NOW magazine!

They've been making customers happy for over 25 years, and are an icon of the Queen Street scene in Toronto. Whenever I need to treat someone to dinner, whether they are a colleague or family member, the Bamboo Club is always my favorite restaurant. There is really no place like it!

The Bamboo Club is one big party, and you're invited for FREE!

Yes, for FREE! No questions asked. And, as a bonus, I will personally arrange for a stretch limousine to pick you up, drive you there, and get you back home safely, in the ultimate of style and comfort.

And, I guarantee you that after going to the Bamboo Club, you'll leave there savoring an unforgettable experience…

Take advantage of this offer and call me now at 416-888-9990 to receive your FREE ticket. But hurry now, because tickets are limited, and this is the last time Bamboo is offering this free party for this year. I don't want you to miss out, so call now! You'll be glad you did.

Yours sincerely
Giselle Mazurat

P.S.: The Bamboo Club is located on 312 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and close and 4:00 a.m., or whenever the last guest leaves.